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    Wellcome to order center
  It is consist of two part : Shopping Cart and Orders
 In Shopping Cart you can :

 Add products from your search resault .
 View , Edit or Delete selection items .
 Conversion your shopping cart list to order list .
 Clear your shopping cart list .
   In Orders you can :

 View orders with filltering on its statuse .
 View order details of each order you select in order list .
 Review your selection items in order details list by its code hyperlink .
 Questions :
 How can I add any product to my shopping cart?
 How can I edite or delete any selection item?
 How can I convert shopping cart list to order list?
 How can I clear my shopping cart?
 What is different between shopping cart and orders?
 Questions :
 How can I view my orders list?
 What is mean of each status in order list?
 What is order details?
 How can I view order details of each order?
 Can I edit or delete my orders?

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